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Do you have some home improvement knowledge you would like to share?  Want to write articles for Lowes Employees.com?  We’d love to hear from you!  If you have expertise and experience and you would like to tell others about it, use the form below to contact us.

And of course, you get paid to do it! You don’t think you’re capable of writing articles? Neither did I until i started!

“What’s  unique about your article, and how will it help other readers?

Here’s what we are looking for…

  • Original Content
  • 600 – 1000 words
  • “How To” articles with videos
  • Home Improvement Related

lowes submit an articleWe are always looking for ways to inform our readers and guest posts can help. Tell us about your knowledge in plumbing or lawn and garden.  Perhaps you are an expert at deck building or installing ceramic tile.  Share your knowledge of lighting, kitchen cabinets or selecting the right power tool.

What unique skills or experience do you have that bring something new to the conversation? We will even consider your recipe for the best chocolate cake ever…but it better taste really really good!

All articles must be your original work and should not have been previously published. If your article has been published on other websites or blogs, you will just need to put that information at the end of your article.

How will your post help readers learn something about home improvement? We like practical, easy to understand advice that our readers can put to use in their own lives.  Use detailed instructions or video to help.

If you own a business, you can mention it in the article and we can also put a link to your website. We can also add social media links like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. For example, if you do interior painting in New York, include contact information which may lead to more business for you.  Please include a short author bio with your post. Two to four sentences is usually enough.

Your article is yours.  Your name will appear at the end of the article. We will never claim authorship of your content.  If you don’t want the article on our site anymore, just let us know and we will remove it.

LEGAL STUFF: You are not employed by lowesemployees.com. You acknowledge that your article has been written by you as a FREELANCE WRITER, not as an employee, agent or partner of this web site.

It’s essential that your article is USEFUL for those visiting this site. So we prefer practical advice articles which can be applied or at least prompt people to think  about the information.  If you have never written before, don’t worry.  Neither did I when I started this site! Use a conversational, but professional style. Please make the article passionate and not over-technical. Write like you were talking to someone about it.

Tell stories and give examples of following or not following the method you recommend. This will bring your advice to life, engage the audience and make it more shareable.  Be sure that the post is uniquely valuable and original.

Don’t worry about formatting for a website or adding pictures or video.  If you can send us a picture or video through email, we can probably add it to the article for you, but I make no promises! We will send you a copy of the finished article before it is posted.

Getting Paid: $25 Lowes Gift Card for all published articles.  If we use your article we will send you a Lowes gift card. We will always give you credit for the article.  Use the contact form below.  Just send us the topic and a short 75 -100 word sample of what your article will be about.  Don’t send us your completed article until we contact you. We will then ask you for a complete 600-1000 word article.

So let us know how you can help other visitors learn about home improvement.  Think about what you like doing and share it with us!  Use the contact form or you can email me at victoria@lowesemployees.com.


By Victoria Stone

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