Lowes Plastic Storage, Totes, Bins, Garage Cabinets and Storage

We always seem to need more storage and containers. Lowes has some great deals going on right now.  Shop Lowes bins, baskets & storage containers in the storage & organization section of the store and at Lowes.com.

From garage organization and storage cabinets to totes and baskets, Lowe’s has everything you need to organize each room. Install bike racks, garage overhead storage, metal garage cabinets, heavy-duty garage shelving, metal shelving and glass shelving.

From Lowes:

Lowes has storage bins, totes,containers, hooks, laundry baskets, garage organizers, kitchen organizers, closets organizers and moving and storage boxes.

Are your closets, drawers and cabinets bursting at the seams?

It’s time to organize with storage solutions for everything. Get your closet in order with shoe organizers, jewelry organizers and more.

Got a lot of paperwork? Organize them in a filing cabinet.

Growing book collection? Display and organize your novels with sturdy and stylish bookshelves.

From garage organization and storage cabinets to totes and baskets

Get Your Garage Organized Too!

For those who are lucky enough to have a garage, just follow the tips below to help transform your garage into a more functional and useful space for your home.

To free up precious space  try expanding upward around the perimeter. Shelving units can help you make better use of your wall space and get items off of the ground where they can become wet or damaged. Ventilated or solid surfaces that are great for organizing and storing containers that hold liquid, small tools, sports equipment, and other supplies.

Gardening supplies, woodworking tools, toys, or sporting equipment? Try a sliding drawer unit that offers large capacity drawers that are ideal for organizing tools and supplies. Each drawer is equipped with hidden rollers to ensure drawers glide smoothly even under heavy loads.

Stackable storage solutions? Stacking Utility Bins and Totes help to contain clutter and offer an easy access solution for organizing small- to medium-sized items. Stacking bins can hold such items as recyclables, sporting equipment, gardening tools, or cold weather gear.

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