Scotts Snap Spreader and Snap Pac System

Scotts Snap Spreader makes feeding your lawn easier than ever before.   Do you want a quick, easy way to feed your lawn that gives you the confidence that you’re getting it right? If that’s the case, you have a very convenient, option: the Scotts Snap Spreader.

Scotts Snap Spreader makes it simple, you snap a Snap Pac in the spreader, lock it in, and go. There are no complicated spreader settings to figure out. Instead, Snap automatically sets the proper application rate for you. So it’s easy to give your lawn the feeding it needs. And you get more time for other things on your to-do list.

What’s a Snap Pac? The Snap Spreader uses a sealed Snap Pac that locks directly into the spreader. So you don’t have to cut, pour, and sweep up. When you’re done feeding your lawn, just unlock the spreader and pull out the Snap Pac for easy storage. The Snap Pac self-seals upon removal for easy cleanup and storage. The Snap Spreader folds down, too, giving you back some valuable real estate in the garage.

Taking care of my lawn and making it look good makes me feel like I have accomplished something.  Regular rotary or drop spreaders are convenient but can be a hassle. There are lots of steps before you’re ready.  Buying and carrying the large bags, having to cut them open, pour the contents into the spreader, read the instructions on the bag to know what setting to put the spreader on, and finally setting the spreader to the correct settings.  Scotts newest fertilizer spreader changes all of this. The Scotts Snap Lawn Care System Snap Spreader takes all the guesswork out of having a beautiful yard.

Use the EdgeGuard Feature for clean sidewalks!  Nobody likes spilling lawn food on the sidewalk or driveway. That’s why Scotts Snap comes with the EdgeGuard feature that stops granules from being spread on the right side. With Snap, you can walk right alongside your sidewalk or driveway, feed your lawn, and keep your paved areas nice and clean, saving you sweep-up time later.

I would definitely recommend the Scotts Snap Lawn Care System to anyone.  This spreader is so easy to use and its a great spreader to have around. No more large bags of fertilizer to haul around, and no more setting the spreader to different settings.  I like this system.  And you can purchase more than just fertilizer for the Scott Snap Spreader.  There are bags of grass seed, grub control, insect control and weed killers also available in Snap-Pac bags.

Jim- Easy Expert Staff