Lowes or Home Depot for Valentines Day? Think Again

Valentine’s Day is a time to spoil our spouses, woo our lovers, and yeah, remember to call our mother!. Valentine’s Day offers us many ways to express our love and  emotions. On Valentine’s Day we celebrate real love.

Sometimes its very romantic, sometimes hopeless, sometimes its broken hearts or a broken nose. All can occur on Valentine’s Day. Almost 20 billion dollars is spent on Valentines Day and about two-thirds of that money spent for today is on food. Well if you consider candy as food. In fact, we spend more on candy than flowers and cards combined.

With Valentine’s Day,  you need to put some thought into what you’re going to give your sweetheart. It doesn’t always need to be a huge gesture with a Valentine’s Day gift. But you can treat someone to something nice, even if you know it’s just something they need rather than something they want.

So with that said, please don’t buy your sweetheart something for Valentines Day at Lowes.  Or Home Depot or Walmart either. Sorry but your wife doesn’t need a new mop or storage container for this day.  And your boyfriend just got power tools for Christmas, so get a little creative.

What not to buy for Valentines Day.

  1. Maglite LED Flashlight.
  2. A Garden Hose
  3. Gallon of Paint
  4. Miter Saw
  5. Dishwasher
  6. Throw Rug
  7. Pressure Treated Lumber
  8. New Door Lock
  9. Push Mower
  10. Attic Insulation

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