Lowes Extends Everyday Military Discount To All Veterans

Lowe’s military and veterans discount has changed.

Lowes announced May 1st, 2017,  it will expand its military discount program by offering 10 percent off personal purchases every day to current and honorably discharged members of the U.S. Armed Forces. The new program uses a MyLowes card for quick identification, is available both in U.S. stores and on Lowes.com and offers easy online enrollment.

Previously, the everyday discount was only for active duty, retired or disabled veterans.  Anyone who served, but did not retire from the military, only received the discount on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Veterans Day.

This was always a confusing military discount at Lowes, as some stores applied the discount in different ways.  There was no consistency from store to store and it upset many customers.  I think most of us consider a “veteran” as someone who served in the military, no matter how many years they served. But Lowes policy was to offer the “veteran” discount only to those who retired after 20 years of service.

This new program should be much easy to follow and it also allows for use of the military discount for purchases made online.

Sign up for a mylowes card to get the military discount

Now you must sign up for a MyLowes Card to receive the military and veterans discount at Lowes.  This is not a credit card.  Its like the shoppers card you may have used at other stores.  Grocery stores use them all the time.

The My Lowes card basically keeps track of your purchases so they can be viewed online and you know what day you bought an item, the item number and style and the cost.  When you register your card there will now be an option for military service and that will allow you to use your card in store and online.

After the one-time enrollment, U.S. military customers can present their MyLowes card at the store cash register, scan their card at self-checkout or sign in to their account at Lowes.com and receive the discount. Lowe’s uses a third party to verify eligibility for online enrollment, and may require additional documentation.

In addition to simple checkout in stores and online shopping, the MyLowes card offers free parcel shipping for purchases ordered online with no required minimum purchase. For additional details about the discount, visit Lowes.com/military.

By Victoria Stone

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