Lowes Edsal Steel Freestanding Shelving Unit. Item 101933

Lowes 5-Tier Steel Muscle Rack Shelving Unit from Edsal. Industrial strength steel construction. Shelves adjust in 1 1/2″ increments. Heavy duty particle board shelves. Also assembles as a workbench. Material is steel and particle board shelving. Dimensions: 72″H x 48″W x 24″D.

The Edsal is a free standing five-shelf unit with a steel rack and shelves made of particle board to support a 800-lb. per shelf capacity when the weight is distributed evenly across all shelves. The steel beams on this unit are seated on corner post tab slots for support of the particle board shelves. This unit is open on all four sides to facilitate access to shelf contents from any angle

There are plenty of bad reviews that I have seen on this shelf, from Lowes.com and Amazon.com. So I was hesitant about purchasing for fear of it being so hard to put together, but it went very good. It took about an hour because I put a couple of shelves in backwards. This shelf is light weight, very sturdy and economical. There is a lot of clutter in our garage and these shelves are going to be the perfect fit.

There apparently are two different versions of this unit: one with bolts and nuts and the other with a tab and slot design for boltless assembly. Assembly instructions are included. A rubber mallet and small screwdriver are recommended for assembly. I bought two and was lucky enough to have one of each style!

Being a Lowes employee, I saw the boxes had different model numbers, and found out that the tab and slot version is the newest one. Its also the easiest one to put together.

I assembled the tab and slot version first. It went together in less than an hour. I do have some home improvement knowledge, but I can see how people would get frustrated with assembly. I had never put this type of unit together before. Read the instructions, then read them again.

Now that I had some experience under my belt on the first one, I was hoping the next shelf would be easier.  It wasn’t.  Hint: If you purchased the tab and slot design unit,  all you need is a mallet and screwdriver to assemble. If you have the bolt and nut shelving unit and you dont have a cordless drill, get one.  You will need it for tightening all those darn screws. There are about 90 bolts and nuts for just one shelf unit.

The unit seems relatively sturdy and I have small kitchen appliances, gallons of paint, shop tools and planters on it and it is able to hold without a problem. It was slightly difficult to put together but not as bad as some of the reviews say. Paint was chipped in a few places and one of the shelves had to be bent back into shape.

I would highly recommend this shelf for anyone. I am very satisfied with this purchase. Buy with confidence! I have put my second shelf together and it went together in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. That’s for the bolt version. If you put all the screws in real quick (no tools, just your fingers) than you can lay the shelf on its front on the floor you can tighten up the supports with a drill.

Stand it up and finish tightening the rest of the bolts.  It is difficult to find shelves at this price level. I still highly recommend these both version of these shelves.  They are extremely flimsy until the bolts are all tightened up. The rigidity comes from everything being tight and not being able to move. It is only sturdy as a whole. Loose bolts will make it flimsy.

For offices, stores shops, basement, garages, storerooms…wherever easy storage is required.  t is recommended that the cabinets are assembled by more than one person. Use of a raised flat surface during assembly is highly recommended. During shipping and handling, some of the tabs that are used for assembly may have closed together. Use a flat tipped screwdriver to either pry up or push from behind the tab to re-open.

lowes shelving unitTo assure the squareness of the unit, do not fully tighten the nuts and screws used in the assembly until all are in place. After all nuts and screws are in place, square the unit and tighten all nuts and screws appropriately.
Make sure that the unit is placed on a level surface, as this may effect the performance of the unit. I think this product is great for the price! Most reviews complain about the difficulty putting it together.
I bought two and put them together on my own with a puppy running around in about two hours. Once put together it is sturdy and looks very nice! Dont forget a hammer or mallet and a cordless drill to help with assembly.
The trick to getting it together quick is to lightly press each tab and slide into place. Once BOTH sides are slid in then lightly tap the side near the corner with a hammer to fully set it in the holder. Once complete check to ensure the shelf is sitting in the steel between the small holds on each length of shelf.
There are 2 small holds along the length of the long bars to secure the shelf in place.  The wood of the shelves provide the structure for the side pieces, so it sits together just fine once built. It would be easy to pull it apart to move it or store it. The particle board shelves are thinner than I would have expected, but are rigid, so should be fine holding weight, but I would not try to put on the manufactures rated 800 pounds per shelf. This is by no means great craftsmanship, but if you need something inexpensive that does the job,  it will work.
From the manufacturer: For over 50 years, Edsal has been dedicated to providing companies with only the best quality storage systems and industrial furniture. Today, products marketed under the Edsal brand name have earned a substantial share of the market in every region of the country.
The Edsal product line at Lowes offers you some great advantages for home and garage. Edsal  gives you access to just about everything you would need in steel storage and shelving equipment. Five grades of Industrial Shelving; Pallet and Bulk Storage Racks for heavier applications. Plus a complete selection of the most popular furniture items including: Storage Cabinets, Lockers, Service Carts, Work Benches, Shop Desks, Stools and more!
By Victoria Stone