Bayer Advanced Weed Killer For Lawns Instructions

Bayer Advanced Weed Killer and Bayer Advanced All In One Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer are broad-spectrum selective herbicides that kill more than 200 weeds without harming common lawn grasses.  Weed killers are generally used along with a Weed and Feed product to control weeds all season long.

Bayer Advanced kills broadleaf weeds, including dandelions, chickweed and clover and grassy weeds such as crabgrass. These liquid herbicides are available in ready to use form or are diluted with water and sprayed with a hand-held sprayer.  Spraying broadleaf weeds, like dandelions or clover with a selective post-emergent herbicide is effective and saves the lawn from excessive chemicals.

Selective herbicides kill only certain plants. A good example of a selective herbicide is a lawn weed killer designed specifically for the removal of broadleaf plants. These products will remove the weeds without killing the established lawn in which the weeds grow. Freshly sewn grass is susceptible to the herbicide, and should not be applied, since the grass has not had an opportunity to fully establish itself.

This product can be applied to Bermudagrass, Buffalograss, Kentucky Bluegrass, Ryegrass, Fescue, Zoysia and Bentgrass.  Application to Bermudagrass may cause temporary yellowing or discoloration but full recovery can be expected.  Best results are obtained when temperature is below 90 degrees and weeds are small and growing.

Pre-emergent herbicides are applied before the targeted weed germinates, and are an effective preventative method for controlling weeds. Crabgrass preventer is a good example. Pre-emergents establish a chemical barrier that will not kill established plants, but will prevent weeds from successfully growing. The protective barrier breaks down in six to eight weeks.

Use of a pre-emergent, requires proper timing to be effective. Be aware that pre-emergents can harm some desirable ornamental plants and turf grasses. As always, read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Post-emergents are designed to attack weeds that are already established and growing. Bayer Advanced Weed Killer and Bayer Advanced All In One Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer are both post-emergents.  Crabgrass is very difficult to control and best results are obtained with a pre-emergent control applied in early spring before the crabgrass has germinated.  Bayer Advanced All In One Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer will help control crabgrass and is an effective product if crabgrass is growing,  but will not eliminate it entirely.

Lowes bayer advanced weed killerHint: Bayer Advanced Weed Killer and Bayer Advanced All In One Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer are different products. If you have a crabgrass problem, be sure to use the All In One Weed and Crabgrass formula.  They are usually sold side by side in the store and the containers look almost identical. However, Bayer Advanced Weed Killer is currently only available in concentrate and hose end sprayer.

The All In One Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer is available in concentrate, hose end sprayer and ready to use versions.  The big difference is the crabgrass control. Both formulations are easy to use and have just a few basic instructions. It is important to ensure spray mist does not contact vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants, shrubs, trees and other desirable plants.

Bayer Advanced Concentrate Formula Application Instructions:  Always wear rubber gloves before you begin working with the weed killer. Determine how much you need based on the area of lawn. Each gallon of solution treats about 500 square feet of lawn.

Dilute with water according to Bayer Advanced instructions at about 2-4  tablespoons of concentrated weed killer per gallon of water. Fill your sprayer tank with the appropriate amount of water and concentrated weed killer. Adjust the sprayer nozzle to a coarse spray pattern and apply weed killer evenly over the entire area to be treated.

When treating individual weeds, hold the wand about 1 foot from the weed and direct the spray at the center of the weed. You can spot treat hard to kill weeds 7-14 days after the initial treatment.

Lowes bayer advanced weed and crabgrassBayer Advanced Hose End Sprayer Application Instructions:  Put on rubber gloves and shake the bottle of weed killer well. Connect the sprayer to your garden hose by threading the end of the hose into the hose adapter on the bottle.

The product will automatically dilute as you spray. One bottle will cover 5000 square feet. Point the sprayer nozzle toward the area and push and hold the tab away from the knob with one hand while turning the knob clockwise to the ON position with your other hand. Move at a steady pace while using a sweeping motion while spraying and slightly overlap the treated areas.

Push and hold the lock tab away from the knob when you’re finished, while turning the knob counter-clockwise to the OFF position.  urn off the water and then turn the sprayer back to the ON position to relieve the pressure in the hose. Once the water slows to a drip, turn the sprayer off again and disconnect from the hose.

Bayer Advanced Ready To Use Application Instructions: These containers usually come in gallon size with a small handheld spray applicator and  require no mixing. They are recommended for spot treatment only.  Simply turn the applicator selector to spray and pull the trigger.

It is important to ensure drift from spray mist does not contact vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants, shrubs, trees and other desirable plants.

If you have a yard, you have weeds. They may be in the lawn,  under a shrub or flourish in flowerbeds, making weed control a constant battle. For best results, apply Bayer Advanced Weed Killer when weeds are actively growing and 1 to 3 days after mowing your lawn. Avoid a drift of the herbicide to valuable plants by applying on calm, windless days.

During dry periods, water the lawn 24 hours prior to treating.  Do not apply weed killer near or directly to storm drains, gutters, sewers or drainage ditches, and do not apply within 25 feet of water such as fish ponds, lakes, rivers, streams and marshes.  Do not apply Bayer Advanced weed killer to new lawns until the grass reaches a height of at least 2 inches.

To control some especially challenging weeds, like nutsedge, clover, creeping charlie or Bermudagrass, you’ll want to choose a specific selective herbicide that’s been proven to be effective. Ask your local garden center, Cooperative Extension service agent or call Bayer Advanced to learn which herbicides to use against your toughest weeds.

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