Lowes 98826 – DeLonghi TCH7090ERL Ceramic Space Heater

The Delonghi TCH 7090ERL heater from Lowes.  This is item 98826. Most Lowes stores will have this priced at $59. It will easily heat a 12 X 12 room.

Best Feature: The eco-energy function saves electricity by selecting the ideal power level based on the set temperature and current room temperature. You can also customize your heating needs with the adjustable electronic thermostat, 24-hour digital timer and multiple heat settings; min, boost and eco-energy.

Motorized oscillation offers quick and efficient heating and can be enjoyed year-round by setting the fan to “no heat” operation for summer. This heater has a safety thermal cut-off, so it doesn’t overheat, an internal tip-over switch, which will shut the heater off if it is knocked over and an antifreeze setting that turns the heater on if the temperature reaches 44 degrees.

There is also an included remote control for access to the controls, a convenient carry handle and an easy to clean air filtration and removable dust filter. There are three heat settings, including the  “eco” setting.

delonghi 98826 heaterDoes it heat up a room?  Its rated at 1500 watts and ability to heat up to 200 square feet. This heater will heat an average 12 x12 room rather quickly.  It is a sleek, light weight, efficient quiet heater.

This unit offers a wide variety of ways it can be operated; 2 speed high/low, oscillating on or off fan, (can be used without heat), temperature control  thermostat,  auto on/off and  eco mode that will decide for you whether to use high or low fan.  Unlike other towers, it takes up very little floor space and has a good turning radius. 

If you have animals or children, they will be safe around this heater as it is cool to the touch and has an automatic shut off should it get knocked over. It seems to get a little cooler in the room than the temperature it’s set for before it turns on.

 De’Longhi Ceramic Tower Electric Space Heater with Thermostat and Energy Saving Setting.

  • The ECOPlus function intelligently selects the ideal power level, based on the user’s set temperature and the current room temperature which results in energy savings up to 40%
  • The 24-hour programmable timer, allows you to heat rooms for any desired amount of time and lets you select different time periods throughout the day and night
  • With the anti-freeze setting engaged, the unit will automatically turn on when the temperature in the room drops below 44 degrees F
  • Motor driven oscillation

Ceramic heaters are some of the newest heaters on the market. Most of these heaters have ceramic plates and aluminum baffles. When electricity passes through the ceramic, it is heated. The heat is then absorbed by the aluminum and a fan blows the hot air into your room.

These heaters tend to be more energy efficient and safer than many heaters, so even though they heat up quickly, their plastic casings stay cool.

Delonghi Energy-Efficient Function

To reduce energy usage by up to 40 percent, the 24-Inch Delonghi Ceramic Tower Heater offers an energy-saving setting. When selected, the heater uses the set temperature and current room temperature to calculate and set the ideal power level, so energy isn’t wasted.

Motorized Oscillation for Efficient Heating

The heater self-regulates to heat up any room in your home or office quickly. Motorized oscillation helps evenly distribute warm air throughout every corner of the room so the temperature remains consistent and comfortable.

Adjustable Thermostat and Three Settings

The Ceramic Tower Heater offers the convenience of an adjustable electronic thermostat and your choice of three settings: minimum, boost, and energy-efficient. A 24-hour digital timer lets you set the heater to come on and shut off at specific times during the day or night, and the included remote control gives you one-touch access to all controls.

Thermal Cutoff and Other Safety Features

This heater features a thermal cutoff to prevent overheating and an internal tip-over safety switch that automatically turns off the heater if it falls over. And to ensure that temperatures don’t dip too low while you’re sleeping, an antifreeze function allows the heater to automatically turn on if the room temperature drops below 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat TypeCeramic
Supplemental Heating AreaUp to 200 sq. ft. (small space)
Maximum Wattage1500
Maximum BTUs5120
Number of Heat Settings2 heat and 1 fan
Remote ControlYes
Control TypeElectronic
Display TypeDigital
Energy Saving SettingYes
Anti-Freeze SettingYes
Overheat Shut-OffYes

You will see similar Delonghi ceramic heaters at Home Depot, Walmart, Target and Amazon. All will retail in the $59-$89 price range. Also sold with model numbers TCH7090ER, TCH7090ERD.  The Walmart version is TCH 7690ER and sells for $84.99.

Cord length is 6 foot and this unit does have a one year warranty.  It weighs about 8 pounds and is easy to move from room to room if needed.  No assembly required. It’s ready to plug in right out of the box!  You can feel the warm air but no part of the unit gets so hot that you cannot hold your hand on it. I really like that as a safety feature.

We all like to save money and using a  space heater can help you save on your heating bill. They can add warmth and comfort to your home, as long as you use them safely. Space heaters can cause fires if you don’t use them properly.  As heating costs rise and portable heater technology advances, more of us are looking for economical ways to heat our homes.

Running a portable heater in the rooms you use most lets you keep your thermostat at a lower heat setting and can save you money on energy and utility costs.  Portable heaters are also ideal for rooms that are cold due to inadequate heating, duct work or spaces where  heat can’t be installed—like a garage or workshop.

Be sure to buy a portable heater that’s rated for the approximate square footage of the room you want to heat. An electric space heater that’s too large will consume a lot of energy and probably lead to higher utility bills. Buying a portable heater that’s too small won’t heat your space quickly enough, increases the chance of overheating and will run too often to reduce any heating costs.

By Victoria Stone

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