Fantasy Football-My New Way To Lose Money

I don’t even like regular football, so not sure why I’m playing fantasy football.  Sure, I’ll watch the Super Bowl and a few regular games during the season.  But when your hometown team is the Detroit Lions, well maybe you need something else.

Last year I started playing DraftKings and soon learned how easy it was to lose $25.

This year I’m doing Draft Kings, NFL Survivor and Fantasy Football league with  a few co-workers. Total investment is $25.  I learned a lot last year and will play for free on DraftKings.  $20 in league, $5 in NFL Survivor and ZERO in Draftkings.

I’ll keep this page updated with how I’m doing week by week.

Here’s a run down of the 3 different fantasy type leagues I’m in this year.

DraftKings: You can play for free or deposit $25 to play in higher paying contests.  This is where I went wrong last year and basically bet that I could outsmart the pros!  There are several free contests each week and most offer some kind of small prize, like $100 to $1,000.  Most I won last year was $12.

Unlike season-long fantasy sites, DraftKings offers daily and weekly contests, giving you a chance to win instant cash prizes without a season-long commitment.  The basics is that the better your player does on the field, the more fantasy points they score.  The goal is to build a team that scores more points than your competition.

Week 1: Played in 3 contests for free.  Didnt win a dime.

Week 2: Played for free contests.  Won .50 cents!

Week 3:  Played three contests. Won .15 cents!

Week 4:  Played two contests:  Didnt win

Week 5 Played three contests:  Won  .25 cents

Week 6 Played three contests. Didnt win


NFL Survivor:  In this “pool” you need to pick a winner each week to advance to the next week.  You can only pick one team to win and you cant pick that team again for the entire season.  If your team loses, you are out. Winner at the end of the season gets $100.  Second place is $75.

Week 1:  I picked Buffalo Bills to win and they did!  I advanced to week 2. Two people eliminated who picked New England

Week 2: I picked the Oakland Raiders and won!

Week 3: Picked Green Bay and won! Seven people eliminated.  Down to 5 players left in the pool

Week 4:  Picked  Seahawks and won.  Down to 4 players in the pool

Week 5: Picked the Eagles and won!  And actually won the contest!  4 of us left in the pool and they all picked the Steelers!

Ah, the sweet smell of victory!  And I owe it all to my husband and the internet! Fantasy Football:  Joined 9 others at Lowes to form a 10 team league. You get matched up with one of the other fantasy teams at least once during the season.  You draft your team and if you want, you can make trades during the season. Winning your matchup is based on total points that your team makes that week.

I really had no idea who to draft, so you can let the system pick your players for you.  When its your turn to select a player, you get the best player available at the position. The only player I drafted was Kirk Cousins at quarterback because he went to Michigan State. Winner gets $150 at end of season. Second place is $100. Third place is $25.

Week 1: Lost. Record is 0-1.  My fantasy team was outscored 98-88.

Week 2:  Lost. Record is 0-2.  My team lost 112-95.

Week3:  Lost.  Record is 0-3. Lost 118-88

Week 4:  Lost Record is 0-4 Lost 112-102

Week 5: Lost Record is 0-5. Lost 98-88