Best Time To Buy At Lowes | What To Buy In November

November is the ultimate shopping month. However, not every sale you come across in November will offer you the best deal. And we’re not just talking about that turkey for Thanksgiving! Although supermarkets will offer promotions to reward customers with a free or discounted turkey if you spend a certain amount.

Lowes Black Friday Ad information will be published and updated during Black Friday Season.

November is often associated with big sales for  bargain hunters. On Black Friday, Lowes will offer some of the deepest discounts of the season, and online shoppers will spend even more on “Cyber Monday” three days later.

Looking for the best things to buy in November? You dont have to wait until Black Friday.  Now is the time to look for deals and discounts.  If you want to get a jump on your holiday shopping, here are the best things to buy in November. Early sales will be everywhere, especially between Black Friday and Christmas, as retailers will compete heavily for November and total holiday sales.  Sneak peaks and first shots at Black Friday deals online will begin days before Thanksgiving.

Every November certain items tend to go on sale.  Knowing these trends can help you get the best price on everything from big ticket items to toasters. Lowes has everyday low prices, so there is really no need to wait for a coupon.  With Lowe’s you get Everyday Low Prices and these special offers to help you save.

You can find the current November Weekly Ad here. 

  • Cookware & Kitchen Accessories: Consumers tend to prepare for the upcoming holidays by purchasing new small kitchen appliances, prompting reduced prices in November. MSN Money notes that November brings the best deals, but you will find sales through Christmas. Cookware is one of the more popular items early, so check out Lowes cookware, must-have kitchen tools, and give your kitchen a makeover.
  • Insulation and weatherstrip: November is also the busiest month for insulation. The good news is most Lowes stores have promotions going on all month. Currently all stores are running 20% off all Johns Manville fiberglass insulation.
  • Gas Grills and Air Conditioners: Most stores will have reduced floor space for grills and will try to get completely out of the air conditioner business till next spring. No one wants to store the stuff no one is buying—it’s cheaper to just sell it at a discount. Stock up on grills, charcoal, lighters and lighter fluid, grill accessories,  air conditioners, fans, and other summer only items now.
  • Shrubs, Trees, Bushes, Bulbs, etc.: Get reduced prices on Lowes trees and shrubs. Most plants aren’t going to survive the harsh winter ahead, but if you have an indoor garden or greenhouse, you can pick up a lot of plants cheaply as the weather starts to cool down.

lowes novemberWhat to avoid purchasing in November?  We love to spruce up our homes for the holidays. That means new carpet and flooring is in high demand through the end of December. Once the new year hits however, demand and prices plummet.
Best time to buy carpet and flooring is January.

November also brings in the granddaddy of all shopping days – Black Friday.

You’ll save on appliances, electronics, Christmas trees, ornaments, lighting and decorations, cookware, and power tools.  All the items you associate with a typical Black Friday sale at Lowes.


Lowes Black Friday is coming up.  Look for our preview soon!

By Victoria Stone