Best Time To Buy At Lowes | What To Buy In January

What to buy at Lowes in January. It’s the start of the new year and people want to clean and organize.  Closet,  garage, laundry and kitchen organization projects are some of the most popular projects in January. Time to put away the Christmas decorations and get organized for the new year.

Lowes will have clearance deals on Christmas decorations and special buy pricing on storage bins and containers, cleaning supplies, moving boxes and packaging supplies.
Dont forget other retailers who have great deals too.  January is also the best time to look for discounts on bedding and linens as major retailers like Kohls and Target will have the annual “white sales” in January.

Totes and Storage Containers: January is the best time to buy totes and storage containers at Lowes.  Everybody has a New Years resolutions to get organized and it lasts for about two weeks!  Pick up some great deals on the red and green storage containers from Lowes that will probably be on clearance.

These totes are the same as the regular ones, but Lowes has them every year in the Christmas section then they go on clearance in January.  Pick them up at 25%-50% off.

Gas grills: There is not really an off season to grilling anymore, but if there is an off season, January is it. The new gas, charcoal and electric grill models are coming in,  but it’s not like “next year’s model” will be remarkably better than last years, right? Check out the clearance prices on last years models or get a great price on floor displays or slightly dented units and save big.

Fiberglass Insulation and Weatherstrip: Its true, you don’t think about insulation and weatherstrip until its cold outside. By properly insulating your home you can create a more comfortable, consistent indoor climate while significantly improving your home’s energy efficiency.

January is a great time to buy insulation products as inventory levels are beginning to be reduced at stores.  Stores stock up on these products in October to prepare for the colder months and begin to reduce inventory and selling space in January.  In order to do this, they put insulation and weatherstrip on sale.

What else can you find a great deal on in January?

Treadmills and ellipticals. You know you made at least one New Years resolution to lose weight.  Time to follow through this year and actual do it.  Start by checking out Sears or Sports Authority for sales.  January is an excellent time to get a deal on fitness gear and equipment.

There many exercise and workout deals in January, and discounts spill over into February. Look for stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, and training accessories.

Video Games: Save your video game spending for after Christmas. Video game manufacturers release new games in November and December in time for holiday shopping. Wait until January and February to buy your video games to get a better deal.

Early Tax Software Deals: Tax season is just around the corner. You will start seeing tax software sales that take up to 35% off tax filing. Keep an eye out specifically for deals that discount state filing; many services offer free filing for federal tax returns, but you still have to pay for  state returns, which will cost you an additional fee.

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January is an excellent month to get deals on select items.  You may not know it from the weather, but for retailers spring isn’t far off. That means inventory needs to be cleared. As shoppers take down their holiday stuff and look at spring cleanup, you want to spruce things up and think about changes for the new year.
And dont forget about that summer vacation to a national park now!  The trips not free but admission is!
By Victoria Stone