Best Time To Buy At Lowes | What To Buy In March

What to buy at Lowes in March. Spring is at our doorstep, and even if you’re planning to stay glued to the couch for all of March, you’ll also likely be doing a bit of spring shopping.

In a month that can’t quite decide if it’s winter or spring, shopping at Lowes in March will bring you great prices on both seasons. March is known for coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb.

With 31 days, this last leg on the journey to spring seems like the longest. There are lots of ways to save this month, you just have to know where. March is the month when Lowes stores are emphasizing Spring Cleaning.  Look for promotions on:

  • Window Cleaners, Furniture Polish, Bathroom cleaners
  • Floor cleaners and Vacuums
  • Power washers, deck brushes and cleaners
  • Carpet Cleaners/machines

You can’t wait for those spring days to come to get out in the garden again. Look for displays as you walk in the store on flower bulbs and seeds and cultivating tools. The prices and  the selection will never be better.

Daylight Saving Time begins. Sunday March 13th. Buy a new smoke detector or replace the  batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors this month.

You won’t find these at Lowes, but if you are interested….

Winter Clothing, Ski and Snowboard Equipment. As winter comes to an end shoppers will find some great discounts on skiing and snowboarding gear, along with winter clothing, boots and gloves.  Markdowns will continue into April. but by that point selection will be picked over and it may be hard to find anything of value, so start looking in early March.


  • Grills and Patio Furniture.  If you didn’t buy the clearance model in February before the new models came in, wait! Even if it’s beautiful where you live, you’ll want to wait until around Memorial Day to really save money on these items. Patio furniture and grills will remain at full retail prices until early May.
  • Its not until Memorial Day when you start seeing the first discounted prices and promotions on grills and patio furniture. If you can wait, you can get a better deal even if the item is at regular price as Lowes will often offer free products with your purchase.  Such as free propane with grill purchase or free umbrella base with patio purchase.
  • Fertilizer and Grass Seed.  You can buy in March just not too early in March.  As the weather gets warmer, look for reduced prices on fertilizer, grass seed, top soil and mulch. This tends to happen in late March and continues through May.

Also, look for the standard promotions at Lowes in March.  Most of these are offered year round, so don’t worry if you miss out this month. And don’t forget to check out any display or clearance snow blowers.

Do A Little Shopping At Multiple Stores: February and March are when home improvement stores and local hardware stores are bringing in new spring and summer garden tools. These “resets” always have some items that won’t be carried this year.  Those items are put on the clearance rack!

Do a little shopping and you can usually find small garden tools, shovels and rakes.   Pick up tools in preparation for spring gardening and summer lawn care at up to 50% off in the month of March. Look for discounts on things like rakes, shovels and hoes at places like Home Depot and Lowes.

  • FREE Grill Assembly. Assembly is free when you buy your grill online and pick it up in store.
  • 10% off Major Appliances $399 or More
  • 20% off in stock kitchen cabinets when you spend $400

By Victoria Stone