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Scotts Turf Builder Plus Weed and Feed All Season Weed and Feed Lawn Fertilizer

  • Kills dandelions and feeds grass to crowd out future weeds
  • Watersmart® improves lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients vs. an unfed lawn
  • Builds thick, green turf from the roots up

Scotts Turf Builder plus Halts Crabgrass Preventer  Lawn Fertilizer

  • Stops crabgrass before it invades and protects all season
  • Water Smart® improves lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients vs. an unfed lawn
  • Feeds for a fast green-up after winter.

Lawns wake up in the spring. Get the most out of your efforts by giving your lawn what it needs, when it needs it. Feeding your lawn in the spring strengthens roots and gets it off to a good start before the heavy growing season. If you had crabgrass last year, apply a combination product, like Scotts Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer. Not all weed and feed products will work for your lawn, and some are designed for specific times of year.

Check the details on the weed and feed label to find the best product for your needs. If you don’t have a crabgrass problem, you may be able to apply a weed and feed only. A good rule of thumb is to feed your lawn in the spring around the first time it needs mowed.  Weed and feed is a great product for lawns that need added nutrition and weeds that need to be killed. It allows you tackle both issues with a single application.

If your lawn has weeds, it is important to use a weed and feed product early instead of just fertilizer because fertilizer can contribute to weed growth just as it contributes to grass growth. Weed and feed kills the weeds while it fertilizes the grass.

How to apply weed and feed to your lawn:

  1. For most grasses, including Bluegrass, Rye, Fescue, St Augustine, Zoyia, Bermudagrass and Centipedegrass. Your lawn needs to be damp, either through rainfall within the previous 24 hours or through watering before application. Some applications for southern lawns may achieve better results by applying to a dry lawn. It is also important that there is no rain predicted for the next 24-48 hours. You will need to turn off your watering system so the product has sufficient time to work.
  2. Set your spreader to the correct setting according to the instructions on the bag of weed and feed. You must be very careful not to get weed and feed on surrounding shrubs and plants, as the herbicide will quickly kill them.
  3. Walk at an even pace, run your spreader around the outside borders of your lawn first, then in straight lines across the lawn.
  4. Always read the label completely before applying any lawn chemicals.

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