MyLowes Card Explained. Registration, Benefits And Signup

You can sign up at any Lowes store or visit the official mylowes card registration page at www.lowes.com/mylowes.

You probably have been asked at the checkout if you have a “MyLowes Card”. If you don’t have one, get one next time you shop at Lowes.
Now before you say that Lowes is asking for too much information and you will get swamped with emails and your information will be stolen or sold to third parties,  take a deep breath. Yes, all of that could happen.
Just like it could happen with your discount grocery card, your atm card or your credit card. I’m not just telling you to get one because I work at Lowes.  If you can find an easier way to keep track of your Lowes purchases, besides putting your receipts in a shoe box, let me know.

Below is an easy to follow explanation of the MyLowes card.

A MyLowe’s card allows you to view your complete purchase history online, including purchases made through Lowes.com and in-store transactions. Just scan the card or provide the telephone number with the account at the register whenever you make purchases in a Lowe’s store.  All of your purchases made with the card are now at your fingertips. No more trying to remember what you bought, when you bought it, the size or color.

A MyLowe’s card isn’t the same as a Lowe’s Credit card. It is not a credit card and cant be used as one. You can view your complete purchase history all in one place. In addition to your online purchase history, you’ll see items you purchase in store. Bottom line is MyLowe’s has real value and benefits that will make your shopping experience and home maintenance much more pleasant.

We all would like an easy way to keep track of your purchases.  The MyLowe’s card lets you do that. Using a card that allows you to customize a collection of online tools designed to simplify your home improvement purchases.  It allows you to track your purchases made with your My Lowes card, creates lists for future projects and you can manage your Lowes Home Profile.  It’s as easy as registering  it on Lowes.com, and then scanning it every time you check out at the store.

The card offers a simple solution to what is often a big headache when doing projects around the house. What did I buy last time? Is the living room painted “Navajo White” or “Lemon Chiffon? What was that “stuff” that cleaned up the oil that my car left in the garage?  What size furnace filter do I need?  When did I buy that power drill? Now you can look this up easily on your computer or at a Lowes store.

With a MyLowes card you can:

  1. View Your In-Store Purchase History.  No more looking for receipts. Now you can view your complete purchase history all in one place.  In addition to your online purchase history, you’ll see items you purchased in store at any Lowes across the country.
  2. Add Items to Your Home Profile and Lists.  When viewing your purchase history, you can add items you’ve purchased to your Home Profile and Lists with a single click.
  3. Set Reminders.  Are there items you purchase on a regular basis for work or home? Set reminders to purchase the items you need right from your purchase history.

Don’t confuse a MyLowes card with a Lowes credit card.  A mylowes card is similar to a rewards card that you probably have from a department store or grocery store. Lowes will keep track of just about everything related to your home, including products, installation instructions, device manuals, room or component dimensions and paint colors.  Simply scan the card at the register whenever you make purchases in a Lowe’s store.  Remember, the My Lowes card isn’t the same as a Lowe’s Credit card.

With the My Lowes card you can also create lists.  Lists are an online tool within MyLowe’s card that allows you to gather and store products and other items from throughout Lowes.com. You can save articles, videos and products nearly anything you find on Lowes.com.

my lowes card

MyLowes Card

For example, you could create one list for an upcoming kitchen remodeling project that includes kitchen photos that inspire you, another with items you plan to purchase, and another with paint and flooring calculations and how-to guides. You can also write your own entries.  For example, a list of colors you’re considering for a room and include notes with the items you’ve saved to your lists.

Home Profile is an easy-to-use tool that helps you plan home improvement projects, manage the contents of your home and store additional information to keep you organized. For example, you can create a space titled Garage, add the table saw you purchased at Lowes.com, accurately record your garage’s dimensions and use those details to plan a custom storage system. Having an organized account of your home’s details makes project planning easier and saves you money.

Track your purchase history with a MyLowes card and get organized with lists. Explore what you can do with the card.  Stay on top of seasonal needs with Reminders and  manage your home easier with Home Profile. Sign up for weekly emails and you’ll be the first to learn about special offers and promotions from Lowe’s. Subscribe to e-newsletters and print publications to receive ideas and step-by-step guidance on home and garden projects.  Your privacy and security are ensured by Lowes terms of  Privacy and Security Statement and Terms and Conditions.

Sign up and Registration

Its easy and only takes a few minutes.  Lowe’s will track all purchases that you make online when logged into your account or in a Lowe’s store when you present your MyLowe’s Card or the phone number associated with your account. Visit the mylowes card registration page at www.lowes.com/mylowes

How To Use The My Lowes Card.

You can request a My Lowes card in your Lowe’s store at the Customer Service desk, at a register or by asking an associate on the sales floor. You can also request a card online, and have it mailed it directly to you. To register your MyLowe’s card, you’ll just need to provide your name, telephone number and email address. If you’ve asked Lowes to send you a card, you will also need your mailing address.  Register it on Lowes.com, and scan it every time you check out at the store.  Sign in to My Lowe’s to see all your in-store and online purchases.  Need to make a return? Just bring your My Lowe’s card back to the store with you.  Oh, and those emails that you dont want?  Its easy to unsubscribe.

Try it next time you shop at Lowes.  It’s going to be hard throwing away that old shoe box full of receipts, but the MyLowes card will make it almost painless.

Ok, keep the shoe box as long as you like.  Now you need a new shoebox!

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By Victoria Stone