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Six Natural Mosquito Repellent Plants That Work

Natural mosquito repellent plants have been used for hundreds of years. No one likes to get bitten by mosquitoes. They are a nuisance and their bites are certain to be itchy and irritating–enough to ruin any outdoor barbecue or picnic. When you consider the risk of the West Nile Virus that has sprung up all […]


Clearance Secrets for Patio, Tools, Appliances and Garden

Looking for more great savings at Lowes? With items varying by location, Lowe’s Clearance Center takes up to 75% off select items as part of its ongoing Clearance Sale. These items are generally end of season, one of a kind or discontinued products that you will find through out the store.  One of the popular […]


Did You Miss These 10 Tax Deductions?

If you just bought your first home or have owned for years, congratulations! All those trips to Lowes have been worth it! You’ve taken part in the American dream of owning a home. Along with painting, plumbing, yard work and remodeling, you also have tax considerations.  To take full tax advantage of your home, your […]


Lowes Push Mowers: Troy Bilt, MTD, Bolens, Husqvarna

A healthy lawn can greatly improve your home’s overall look and appeal, and a good lawnmower makes lawn maintenance a simple and enjoyable task.  Lowes push mowers are comfortable to use and a good fit for any size lawn. Whether you want the classic look and feel of a manual reel mower or all of […]


5 Proven Habits To Control Lawn Weeds Without Chemicals

Here are some simple and effective ways to control weeds in lawns. Today, there’s growing interest in natural and organic products, including those used in lawn care. Traditional weed killers are full of chemicals that not only kill living plants, but can kill your lawn and harm your health. Not crazy about the idea of […]