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Best Time To Buy At Lowes | What To Buy In October

October  falls between the back-to-school and Christmas shopping seasons. It’s the beginning of fall, holiday deals have not started, but don’t overlook October entirely! There are a handful of items that are actually better to buy this month, and our October buying guide focuses on the things that you should buy now, while offering some […]


Lowes Sta Green Winterizer and Scotts Winterguard

Fall brings back ideal conditions for your lawn and you can find Sta Green fertilizers, soil and lawn-care products exclusively at Lowes. We hear a lot about using a “winterizer” fertilizer on our lawns during the fall months. Most people think about fertilizing their lawns in the spring and early fall. But, late October and […]


Applying Fall Weed and Feed Fertilizers for September and October

Fall Weed and Feed and When To Apply A Fall Fertilizer.  It is often overlooked, but fall can be the best time to apply fertilizer. If you take care of your lawn this fall, you will have less work to deal with come spring.  A fall feeding builds strong roots and protects the lawn for […]


Getting Your Home Ready for Fall and Winter

The weather is turning cooler and Lowes can help get your home ready for fall and winter. Enjoy the  colors of fall, find the best plants for your yard and garden, and enjoy autumn. It also means winter isn’t far away. Take a walk around the exterior of your house and look for any small […]


Cutting Edge Grass Seed Results, Review and Photos

You’ve probably seen the Cutting Edge grass seed commercials on TV or went to their website. This year I’ve decided to finally give it a try and will post my results for the next year. You won’t find this grass seed at Lowes, , but I’ve heard so much about it I wanted to give […]