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4 Quick and Easy Fall Lawn Care Tips

Take time this fall to prepare your lawn for colder weather and it will pay off in the spring with lush, green grass. As days shorten and temperatures descend, it becomes time to implement fall lawn maintenance to prepare your home for the upcoming winter, when your lawn goes dormant .  Continue to water and […]


Applying Fall Weed and Feed Fertilizers for September and October

Fall Weed and Feed and When To Apply A Fall Fertilizer.  It is often overlooked, but fall can be the best time to apply fertilizer. If you take care of your lawn this fall, you will have less work to deal with come spring.  A fall feeding builds strong roots and protects the lawn for […]


Lowes Moving Coupon, Discounts and Codes 2015

Lowe’s Moving Coupon 10% Off. If you have been stopping by your local post office for a 10% Lowe’s Coupon, it’s not that easy anymore. The  USPS Movers Guide with the Lowe’s Coupon process has changed! No longer is it an actual coupon you can take and use at Lowe’s. Your 10% off coupon will […]


When To Apply Grubex or Bayer Grub Control

When to apply grub control? How to apply and what is the best product to use? Effective grub control begins with a proven product like GrubEx from Scotts or Season Long Grub Control by Bayer Advanced. Both products are in Lowes stores and both are effective insecticides that control grubs in lawns. If you have ever […]


How To Apply Lowes Milky Spore Grub Control 2015

Have a grub problem?  Here’s an alternative to grub control using a bacteria called Milky Spore. Instead of Grub Ex or Bayer Grub control products, try an organic solution. There’s no way to tell when they invade your lawn, because they are underground where you can’t see them. Lowes Milky Spore Powder by Saint Gabriel […]