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Video: How to select a new push mower 2015

A healthy lawn can greatly improve your home’s overall look and appeal, and a good lawnmower makes lawn maintenance a simple and enjoyable task.  Lowes push mowers are comfortable to use and a good fit for any size lawn. Whether you want the classic look and feel of a manual reel mower or all of […]


When To Apply Weed and Feed- Scotts and Sta Green

As a Lowes garden manager, one of the most asked questions I get is about healthy, green, weed free lawns. Here are my tips and directions for Sta Green and Scotts weed and feed fertilizer for 2015 that will help improve your lawn. The number one question: When is the best time to apply weed […]


Lowes Boxwood Shrubs – Planting and Care

Boxwood shrubs are a popular form of hedge plant, well known for their ability to be pruned into a variety of shapes and sizes. Also contributing to the popularity of the boxwood is its reputation for being low-maintenance and easy to grow. Boxwood is a true standby in landscapes all across the country. Boxwood shrubs […]


Scotts Miracle Gro Rebates at Independent Hardware Stores

Scotts Miracle Gro rebates for 2015 at independent hardware stores.  Most of these can not be used at Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Sams Club etc…  They can be used at most local hardware stores like Ace Hardware, True Value, English Gardens, Do it Best and many other retailers. Most offers end 6/30/2015.


Lowes Grub Control. When To Apply Bayer or Scotts 2015

Grub control with GrubEx from Scotts or Season Long Grub Control by Bayer Advanced. Both products are in Lowes stores and both are effective insecticides that control grubs in lawns. If you have ever had grub problems in your lawn you don’t want them again.  So this time of year we always  get the question:  “When […]

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