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Lowes Moving Coupon and Codes 2015

Lowe’s Moving Coupon 10% Off.  Moving can be a hassle. Lowes will email you a free online printable coupon for 10% off any in-store purchase up to $5000.00. You will need to provide an email and mailing address.  If you are planning a move or have recently moved, just follow this link. This is the 10% […]


Scotts Sun and Shade Grass Seed Growing Tips

Planting or seeding a lawn is not difficult and can be done successfully by almost anyone. Want a lush, well-maintained lawn that does more than improve the appearance of your home?  Scotts Turfbuilder Grass Seed at Lowes can do just that.   It reduces soil erosion, absorbs rainfall and improves air quality by absorbing dust […]

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Top 5 Best Selling Self Propelled Mowers At Lowes

My top selling list, updated yearly, contains Lowes best value walk self propelled mowers.  Discover the best self propelled mowers at Lowes for 2015. Who defines the “Best”?  Of course, I do! Best means different things to different people. Some folks are looking for best-selling mowers, while others seek top-rated models.  Some people even think […]


When To Apply Weed and Feed- Scotts and Sta Green

As a Lowes garden manager, one of the most asked questions I get is about healthy, green, weed free lawns. Here are my tips and directions for Sta Green and Scotts weed and feed fertilizer for 2015 that will help improve your lawn. The number one question: When is the best time to apply weed […]


When To Apply Grubex or Bayer Grub Control

When to apply grub control? How to apply and what is the best product to use? Effective grub control begins with a proven product like GrubEx from Scotts or Season Long Grub Control by Bayer Advanced. Both products are in Lowes stores and both are effective insecticides that control grubs in lawns. If you have ever […]

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