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Six Natural Mosquito Repellent Plants That Work

Natural mosquito repellent plants have been used for hundreds of years. No one likes to get bitten by mosquitoes. They are a nuisance and their bites are certain to be itchy and irritating–enough to ruin any outdoor barbecue or picnic. When you consider the risk of the West Nile Virus that has sprung up all over the country in recent years, you can see the added precautions that are necessary each summer season. Discover natural mosquito repellent plants available at Lowe’s that help get rid of mosquitoes.
No matter what area of the country you are in, chances are you will have a problem with mosquitoes.  You may typically reach for a can of insect repellant.  However, most repellants carry DEET.   DEET is the active ingredient in many insect repellent products.  DEET is designed for direct application to your skin to repel insects, rather than kill them. Using plants to keep mosquitoes and other pests away from both your home and your skin is an all-natural and safe alternative to using products that contain chemicals. There are a number of plants you can add to your garden and yard to naturally repel mosquitoes, and in some cases, you can even crush or rub plants on your skin to keep mosquitoes and bugs away.

Facts about DEET

DEET was developed by the U.S. Army in 1946, and registered for use by the general public in 1957.   Today approximately 140 products containing DEET are currently registered with EPA by about 39 different companies. DEET generally has been shown to be of low acute toxicity-meaning a low risk of poisoning.  Some people may report irritations around the eyes, skin and mouth. Read More…

Clearance Secrets for Patio, Tools, Appliances and Garden

Looking for more great savings at Lowes? With items varying by location, Lowe’s Clearance Center takes up to 75% off select items as part of its ongoing Clearance Sale. These items are generally end of season, one of a kind or discontinued products that you will find through out the store.  One of the popular clearance items at Lowes, is the garden section and the clearance racks will be loaded from Memorial Day through Labor Day. They will have up to 90% off plants and shrubs at clearance prices. This is one of the best discounts you will find from Lowes. Most items are not usually advertised so you will have to visit the store although some items are available online.  If you do find some clearance items online, shipping usually starts at around $10 for even small items, so it’s best to go for in-store pickup.

The Secret On Where to Find the Clearance Deals at Lowes

Every store is going to have clearance items. Finding the deals isn’t always easy.  Here are a few clearance secrets about Lowes. Clearance items will vary.  Some can be brand new, still in the box items that just didn’t sell very well. However, don’t overlook the floor models and scratch and dent sections.  Lots of things get scratched, dented or otherwise damaged before they’re sold. Figure out where your store puts those items, and you could get a very deep discount. Each store places the clearance items in different parts of the store.  At some Lowes stores this area is in the back of the store.  At others it is near lawn and garden.  Most Lowes will have some clearance items right in the department.  Search it out and you will be rewarded. Read More…

Lowes 521688 | Husqvarna 24-HP Hydrostatic 48 Inch Riding Lawn Mower

Shopping for a riding mower requires more than just looking at price tags and warranties. If you need a riding mower take a look at the  Lowes 521688 Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mower.  If your yard is 1/2 acre or larger, you may be able to save a lot of time and effort by using a riding mower or lawn tractor. These machines enable you to cover wide swaths of ground quickly and efficiently, reducing the amount of time you spend working in your yard so you can increase your time enjoying it.
Husqvarna riding mowers are geared for mowing large lawns and have optional rear baggers and carts.  I would absolutely recommend this rider as top of the line versus the competition considering size, engine, and price.  Compares to John Deere D140 and Troy Bilt XP Super Bronco XP 8482 models.

This Husqvarna provides a 48-inch cutting width, 1.5- to 4-inch cutting height, and six cutting height increments. Additionally, it also offers an easily accessible fender-mounted cutting height adjustment and spring-assisted cutting deck. It’s powered by a 24 HP, two-cylinder Briggs & Stratton Intek engine that provides longer life for the most demanding jobs. The engine also offers full-pressure lubrication, an advanced debris management system, and a mechanical compression release for reliable starting. Read More…

Save Money On Lawn Care. Do Your Own Weed Control And Lawn Fertilizer

When it comes to lawn care, can the do it yourself  route really be less expensive, save you money and be better for your lawn?  Hiring a landscaper or lawn service to handle your mowing, weed control and  fertilization  can simplify a number of outdoor maintenance tasks at your home.  Rates for simple lawn mowing often vary with the frequency of service, but average around $25 per mowing.  In addition to basic mowing, lawn care contractors offer a number of services that can relieve the burden of yard maintenance. Weed control and fertilizer applications can run as high as $45 per application.

Between water, fertilizer, lawn care services, grass seed, lawn and garden equipment and other costs, Americans spend billions caring for their lawns every year.  We also spend an average of 75 hours a year cutting grass, pruning, watering, fertilizing and doing weed control along with all the other tasks that help keep yards beautiful.  That’s a huge investment of time and money that should be put to the best use possible. However, lawn care is something most of us can do and save money.

So, you need to ask yourself two important questions:

Should you go out and pay for a professional lawn service to treat and fertilize your lawn or can you do it yourself?

Is it really cheaper to do it yourself?

Lawn care services major benefit is taking care of the lawn so you don’t have to! Let someone else do it, right? And most do a good job mowing your lawn and controlling the weeds. Not to mention that a lawn care professional is trained to apply the product correctly which should  yield much better results. You are paying for that service. Lawn care supplies, on the other hand are sold in every Lowes, Home Depot and big box store and garden center. Offering a variety of fertilizers, insect controls and weed control products at your fingertips. There is no shortage of supplies and brand options for those that prefer DIY lawn care.

Each product comes with detailed application and mixing instructions, called a product label. Product labels are sometimes difficult to read for the average homeowner looking to apply fertilizer or weed control themselves. Applying the correct material at the correct rate, at the correct time is the difference between expected results and actual results.  It goes without saying, but after all that work, you want to see results. Read More…

Lowes Insect Control Texas

Insect and pest control in Texas. Due to its vast size and diverse terrain, Texas has a wide variety of pests that homeowners may encounter. Being prepared for what pests you may face and what type of problems they can cause is one of the first steps toward preventing them. To help prepare you for the pests you may find in your home, below are detailed descriptions of some of the most common pests in Texas.

Texas has many insects, arachnids and arthropods that are mistakenly thought to be venomous. The list includes wind spiders and wind scorpions, “daddy long-legs”, crane flies that look like giant mosquitoes, scorpion flies, dragonflies, and many more.

Ants are the most common household pests in Texas. Most ant species that invade homes nest outdoors. A few may nest in walls or interior areas of homes. Knowing what species of ant you are dealing with is an important first step in eliminating unwanted ants from your home. Fire Ants consist of four species in Texas. The most aggressive is the Red Imported Fire Ants which are found mainly in the eastern two-thirds of Texas. The females are reddish-brown and the males are darker. They respond rapidly and aggressively to any disturbance of the colony or to a food source. Ants both bite and sting. A single fire ant can and will sting repeatedly, even after the venom sac is empty. Initially the stings result in a localized intense burning sensation followed within 24-48 hours by the formation of a white pustule at the sting site. A minority of those stung who are hypersensitive to the venom require more intense treatment. Read More…