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Welcome to Lowesemployees.com™. Take a look around. Perhaps you’re just looking for some home improvement project advice.  Maybe you are looking to start a career at Lowes and want some more information from the employees that work the front lines of retail?  We have some great articles and product reviews too. We are not an official Lowes site. You can find lowes employeesLowes Home Improvement at www.lowes.com. We are not affiliated with Lowes Home Improvement, but we do work at Lowes. And everyone can subscribe to our newsletter and have a chance to win our monthly Lowes Gift Card giveaway!
You have probably heard the saying that ” you don’t choose retail, retail chooses you”.  That’s us!  None of us planned a career in retail, but working at Lowes has made many things possible for us.  The hours are long and you have to work nights, weekends and holidays, but in the end, it is well worth it. Take a moment to look over our site.  We also have helpful resources, hints, product reviews and some great information.  Read more from Lowes Employees.com

Find All Current Lowes 2015 Rebates Here

View all the current Lowes rebates and special offers. Rebates available on installation services also. Most rebates can now be done online so no more paperwork to fill out and mail. It can still take 6-8 weeks to process your rebate, but online is so much easier. So get something back on your next Lowes purchase. Save on over 3000 items that have current rebates.

Rebates include products by tools by Dewalt, Bosch and Kobalt.  AeonAir, Gladiator, Keystone, QuietWarmth, Bosch, GreenFiber, Kitchen appliances by KitchenAid, and Haier.  Save on appliances by LG Electronics, Samsung, Cuisinart, Honeywell, Maytag, UltraTouch, Electrolux,  Hotpoint and Paint by Valspar.
Batteries by Energizer.  Hunter, EnergyStar lighting, bulbs and fixtures, The Nest, Kobalt power tools and hand tools, Whirlpool, Fisher & Paykel, Iris, Olympic Paint, White-Rodgers, Frigidaire,  Jacuzzi, General Electric and Johns Manville insulation.

Save money and energy with EnergyStar appliance rebates.  Now you can also get rebates on refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers,  washing machines, air conditioners, LED lighting and more.  ENERGY STAR appliances can save from 10%-50% on water and energy usage, compared to conventional appliances. And, since home appliances typically account for the majority of energy use in the average home, that can add up to substantial savings. Most rebates are in the form of a Lowes Gift Card

Find all the current Lowes rebates here.  Lowes Rebate Center Read More…

$5 Energizer Rebate. Get A Lowe’s Gift Card 2015

Receive a $5 Lowe’s Gift Card by mail  when you purchase $10 or more of  ANY Energizer  batteries or flashlights.  This rebate offer is good through January 31, 2015.

1. Purchase $10 or more of any Energizer® batteries or flashlights at a Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse between 11/01/2014 and 01/31/15. Requests must be postmarked by 03/02/2015. – Claims postmarked after this date will not be honored.
2. Limit two Gift Cards per household.
3. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing. If you do not receive your rebate after 8 weeks visit www.lowes.com/rebates, or you may call 1- 877- 204 -1223.
4. Please keep a copy of all materials submitted for your records.
5. Mail the completed certificate along with a photocopy of your cash register receipt. You can also submit your rebate online.

Here’s the link: Energizer Rebate Form at Lowes.

Energizer Max Batteries:
“Everyone needs a battery brand they can rely on. Introducing Energizer® MAX® with Power Seal Technology, which now holds power for up to 10 years while in storage providing long life for the devices you use every day. We are excited to share that Power Seal Technology extends across the full MAX product line, so from toys to clocks to flashlights, you can now be confident you’ll always have power when you need it most. that’s positive energy!” Read More…

Lowes Employees Job Search and 10 Huge Interview Mistakes

Lowe’s is always hiring employees. Yes, you read that right.  If you are the right candidate with the skills needed, you will get hired. I have hired hundreds of full time, part time and seasonal employees for years and can tell you that if the right person walks in the door, Lowes will make a job offer.  Hiring has nothing to do with the economy, the weather or the local market.
Here’s why. Lowes is a multi billion dollar company and always needs engaged employees who are passionate about home improvement, helping customers and driving sales.  There is no such thing as a “hiring freeze” at Lowes. I have hired new employees in the worst economies in stores with declining sales numbers.  Why? You need top people in those stores if you are ever going to be successful and remain successful.  This goes for every position in the store.  From the part time cashier, to the lumber expert, appliance salesperson, department manager, store manager and district manager. Lowes wants the best people in every position. In order for you to get hired however, you need to have a flawless interview. Well, maybe not flawless, but pretty darn good! read more to find out the 10 biggest interview mistakes

Applying For A Job At Lowes In 2015

Ever think about working at Lowes? Applying for a job at Lowes is easy and you can apply to several positions in which you have an interest.  With stacks of resumes and online Lowes applications to choose from, many managers have limited time and seem to be searching for reasons to rule out applicants. So don’t give them a reason to put yours in the trash pile.
When applying for jobs online, it is important to have some insider knowledge that can help make sure you stand out from the crowd.  As long as you can fill it out completely and correctly, you will have a great shot above other candidates at getting your new job and career started at Lowe.

Remember this: Lowes is always hiring. Not for all positions, but if the right candidate comes in, no matter what the economy, Lowes is ready to hire! The first thing to do when you are applying for a job at Lowes,  is make sure that the stores in your area are hiring. This is especially true for spring hiring needs.  Lowes will start interviewing candidates for the busy April – July selling season as early as February. Get your application in early. Lowes has an online application that is the same no matter which store you apply to. You will specify your area on the application, and if there are more jobs available in local area it will go to the nearby human resources managers also. However, just because you filled out the application does not mean that your local Lowe’s is hiring for the position you want. So call your Lowes or  check out the available postings to be sure the specific stores are actually hiring before you apply. Read More…

Lowes Snow Blowers 2015 | Choosing A New Snow Blower

Get familiar with snow blower types and features and to find the machine that’s best for your snow-clearing needs. Choosing the best snowblower for your needs is somewhat dependent on the area you need to clear, but it’s also determined by the type of snow you typically remove. That first snowfall is fun.  Every one after that is hard work especially if you are using a shovel!  The biggest job after a snowfall is clearing the driveway and sidewalk–and the best way to make this tough job easier is with a snow blower.
Both single-stage and two-stage machines are great for clearing snow from your driveway and sidewalk, but they remove snow differently, and each works best for different types of snowfalls. Whether it’s an electric snow blower or gas snow blower, there is a snowblower with many features to choose from. As you look at different models, keep the following questions in mind to help you narrow down your choices:

  • How large is the area you need to clear?
  • Do you need features like electric start, lights or hand warmers?
  • How much snow do you receive annually and how frequently does it fall?
  • Do you prefer a gas or electric model? Read More…