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You have probably heard the saying that ” you don’t choose retail, retail chooses you”.  That’s us!  None of us planned a career in retail, but working at Lowes has made many things possible for us.  The hours are long and you have to work nights, weekends and holidays, but in the end, it is well worth it. Take a moment to look over our site.  We also have helpful resources, hints, product reviews and some great information.  Read more from Lowes Employees.com

Lowes Labor Day Sale 2014 Appliances Tools and Paint

End your summer with Lowes Labor Day Sale and Special Values.  Labor Day marks the end of summer and brings in the autumn season.  The national holiday is a time for a break from work, a final summer barbeque and some great deals at major retailers.  Sale prices are good August 28th through September 3rd.

But Labor Day isn’t all about grilling burgers and bargain shopping. This American holiday, annually observed on the first Monday in September, commemorates the economic and social contributions of the labor force. The holiday pays tribute to the overall achievements of American workers.  The first Labor Day was celebrated on Sept. 5, 1882 in New York City. Read More…

Compare Home Depot and Lowes Labor Day Sale 2014

During the Home Depot Labor Day Sale, you can save on everything from appliances, to paint, to home organization and tools.  More than likely you can also take some free classes during the Home Depot Labor Day hours as well. The Home Depot Labor Day specials are in effect until September 2nd, so you don’t have to run out right this minute to take advantage of the specials.  Most stores will be closing at 8pm on Labor Day.

“Count on The Home Depot for big savings during Labor Day weekend on storage products, furniture, moving supplies, security systems and more to help get your house in order and contain clutter. With  everyday low prices on the brands you trust, we make it easy to get the boxes, racks, totes, shelves, and other products you want and need for your home.”

So why would I put Home Depot labor day promotions on my site?  When it comes to home improvement, with all things being equal, most customers tend to go with the lowest price.  However, having the lowest price doesn’t mean you are getting the best value.  As far as shopping holidays go, Labor Day weekend often gets lost in the mix after Black Friday and even Memorial Day. But Labor Day, it turns out, could be one of the most underrated shopping holidays of the year. Read More…

Compare Menards and Lowes Labor Day Sale 2014

For Labor Day, apparently you really can “Save big money at Menards!”. If you have one near you, check it out.  Menards certainly is different than Lowes or Home Depot. Candy, cereal and coloring books anyone?  Be sure to check out the regular weekly sale as well as the Stock Up and Save sale for more great deals. Menards Labor Day Super Sale starts August 17th and runs through September 1st.
Most Menards home improvement stores will be open normal sale hours on Labor Day Weekend. Most stores will close at 8pm on Labor Day. There may be exceptions with individual locations, so call ahead and confirm before heading out to Menards for the Labor Day Super Sale deals, coupon offers, and special holiday promotions.

Well, I have checked out Menards before and I am sure you have too.  They do have some good prices on patio furniture and power equipment.  But I find the selection through out the rest of the store is lacking when compared to Lowes.  You can however find some decent deals there.  They also have a “Buy Online & Pickup at Store” option.  That’s a convenient service for you to avoid missing out on sales and makes online shopping easy.  Simply buy online and pick up your order at the Menards store nearest to you.  Read More…

Labor Day 2014. Lowes Home Depot Sears Menards

Lets compare the upcoming Labor Day sale events.  Labor Day is observed on the first Monday in September, so the holiday this year will be Monday, September 1, 2014 and is seen by most of us the symbolic end of the summer.  Time to relax with family and friends and maybe get in a last minute home improvement project. Labor Day has become an important sale weekend for many retailers in the United States, including Lowes, Home Depot, Sears, and Menards.  As usual, Menards will be kicking off their Labor Day event starting Sunday August 17th.
For many retailers it is one of the busiest sale weekends of the year, second only to the Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving weekend.  All Lowes and Home Depot stores will have sale promotions starting Thursday August 28th and running thru Monday September 1st.  If you choose to shop the Labor Day weekend sales online, remember to do your homework. Always check for coupons or special offer codes as many retailers offer additional savings. Finally, check for free shipping as most stores offer a free shipping promotion during the holiday for online shoppers.

Lowes Labor Day Sale 2014 Preview

All Lowe’s Home Improvement stores will be open normal sale hours on Labor Day Weekend. As always, there could be exceptions with individual locations.  CALL AHEAD and confirm before heading out to Lowe’s for the Labor Day Weekend sales, deals, coupon offers, and special holiday promotions.  Promotions start on Thursday August 28th to kick off Labor Day weekend and run through Monday.

$10 rebate per gallon and $40 per 5 gallon pail on select Valspar and Olympic paint and primer products.

Two 20 lb. bags of Kingsford Charcoal for $9.88  while they last.  Limit two 2-packs per customer.

Aussie Walk About Charcoal Grill. $49

Sta Green Winterizer lawn food 5000 square foot bag $12.88

Dewalt 4 piece 18 volt tool set with 2 batteries. Item 79897. Was $349, now $199

Free Delivery of Lawn Mowers and Tractors over $399

15% off Pella and ThermaStar Windows and Doors

10% to 30% off major appliances $399 and up until September 3rd.

50% to 75% off remaining patio furniture and accessories. Continue Reading Labor Day Promotions

Bug Killers and Insect Control Guide

Defending against pests can be an ongoing battle, but there are a many options to help you in the fight. Pest control solutions improve your quality of life while minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.  There are many products to combat pests around the home and lawn. Choose the right pesticide and deal with your problem safely and effectively.

What is a Pesticide or Insecticide anyway? Pesticides are designed to be toxic to the pests they target—whether they are insects, cause plant disease, or are weeds or other unwanted home and garden invaders. When used properly, pesticides can protect your plants or home from damage. However, when the label instructions are not followed correctly, plant injury may occur, pests may not be controlled, health may be impaired, and pesticides may contribute to soil, air, or water pollution.  A common misconception about pesticides is that they are simply bug killers. While partly true, insect control is only one use for pesticides. The definition of a pesticide from the Environmental Protection Agency is: “Any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest.” All pesticides must be tested by the EPA. Read More…