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Mothers Day Gift Ideas | Plants, Flower Baskets and Patio

This Mothers Day, show mom how much you love her with a hug and heartfelt thanks. Then treat her to something she can enjoy throughout the year—a gift for her garden. Lowes has Mother’s Day gift ideas for moms with different interests because it can be tough to find the gift that is just right. We’ve picked some of our favorites, below, to show Mom she’s appreciated and remembered.

Roses are perennial favorites for Mother’s Day. This year, give her a Knock Out rose bush and she’ll have flowers to cut for her vases every 5 to 6 weeks throughout the growing season. Knock Outs are highly resistant to black spot and powdery mildew and they seldom require spraying.  It is a handsome rose that blooms often and resists disease better than any other variety you can buy. That means not only more reliable results, but also far less work They’re also heat and drought tolerant.

A living plant can symbolize the nurturing and care that a mother provides, so it makes a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. You could also choose a flowering plant that blooms in your mother’s favorite color to make a big impact.

Help her enjoy the garden or backyard in the evening. Consider solar path lights to illuminate a walkway. LED technology keeps the bulbs cool while providing safe, economical lighting.

Celebrate Mother’s Day in the great outdoors and turn the backyard into a relaxing retreat with a new patio set.  Lowes makes it easy to create a cozy outdoor space for Mom to relax and enjoy her new garden.   Consider comfortable swivel chairs and a convenient side table.  Constructed of durable, weather-resistant materials, patio sets are sure to be a gorgeous addition to any outdoor setting. Read More…

Stop Lawn Grubs With Lowes Products From Bayer and Scotts

When to apply grub control? How to apply and what is the best product to use? Effective grub control begins with a proven product like GrubEx from Scotts or Season Long Grub Control by Bayer Advanced. Both products are in Lowes stores and both are effective insecticides that control grubs in lawns. If you have ever had grub problems in your lawn you don’t want them again.
So this time of year we always  get the question:  “When is the best time to spread grub control on my lawn?”
The answer? The best time to apply grub control is after you see Japanese Beetles in your yard which is usually between late May and late July.  That’s right.  After you see Japanese Beetles and here’s why.
You want to apply your lawn treatment when grubs are newly hatched or just before.  Because GrubEx and Bayer target the larval stage of many insects, the best time to apply it is when the beetles burrow into lawns to lay their eggs — in spring to early summer. When the eggs hatch, the emerging larvae are killed so they cannot develop into mature insects.

Grubs are the larvae of Japanese Beetles. When they hatch, they begin eating the roots of your lawn. If left untreated, they can chew through huge sections of grass  sometimes ruining an entire lawn in one season.  They will continue to infest your lawn and return the following year to do even more damage.   Lawn damage you see in spring actually occurred the previous fall. You can tell if you have grubs if you see brown patchy spots on your lawn. Those are sometimes mistaken for dry areas or pet damage. To tell the difference just pull the sod up. If the sod remains attached to the soil, it’s probably not grubs. However, if the sod comes up relatively easily, then you have grubs. When you pull up the sod, you’ll see them curled up on the dirt in a white half-moon shape. These C–shaped creatures feast on the roots of your grass.  Since it takes a while for sod to turn brown, even green grass can have a grub infestation.

Image from University of Kentucky- Entomology

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Scotts Sun and Shade Grass Seed Growing Tips

Planting or seeding a lawn is not difficult and can be done successfully by almost anyone. Want a lush, well-maintained lawn that does more than improve the appearance of your home?  Scotts Turfbuilder Grass Seed at Lowes can do just that.   It reduces soil erosion, absorbs rainfall and improves air quality by absorbing dust and other particles and produces much needed oxygen. Lawns can become thin and worn because of weather or as a result of damage by insects or diseases.
Some badly damaged lawns need to be completely reseeded. Whether you are trying to grow your lawn from seed or attempting to bolster your existing lawn that was ravaged by winter or disease, planting grass seed can help you create a beautiful  green lawn. Before purchasing Scotts Turfbuilder brand or any other grass seed, consider the following questions:

  • Are you planting a new lawn or reseeding bare spots?
  • Is your lawn subjected to low, medium or high traffic?
  • How much time and money do you want to invest in lawn care?
  • Does your yard receive full, partial or no sun at all?
  • Do you prefer straight seed or a mixture of different varieties?

Grass Types: There are two main categories of turf grass, warm season and cool season. Warm season grass originates in the South and grows best in hot weather. Most warm season grass goes dormant and turns brown with cool temperatures.  Cool season grass generally originates from the North and is characterized by rapid growth in the spring and fall. Cool season grass often turns brown during periods of high summer heat.

Cool season grasses are planted from the upper south states and Midwest to Northern state areas. These grasses are best planted in the fall and spring of each year.

Warm season grasses are planted from the south and mid-west to Southern states. These grasses are best planted in the spring to late spring / early summer of each year.

  • Common warm season grasses include Bermuda, Bahia, St. Augustine and Zoysia
  • Lawns in warmer climates can be reseeded during winter for green grass all year long
  • Common cool season grasses include Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass and Ryegrass
  • All types of cool season grass can be grown from seed
  • Some warm season grasses must be grown from sod or grass sprigs

Scotts TurfBuilder Grass Seed LowesScotts Turf Builder Grass Seed at Lowes.  You will find the following grass seed types at most Lowes stores:

Bayer Advanced Insect Control, Weed Killer, DuraZone Rebates 2015

Lowes and Bayer Advanced have some terrific rebates for 2015.  Bayer has products for the most common grass and weeds, insects, pests and plant diseases found in and around homes.  Currently you can save up to $6 on selected Bayer Advanced  products during 2015.

Insects & Pests: Protect your property from insects and pests with our advanced solutions for your home, lawn and garden.

Lawn Care: Have a healthy lawn from the roots up by preventing weeds, diseases and insects from destroying your turf.

Tree and Shrub Care: Take care of the most important assets surrounding your home by protecting your trees and shrubs from the inside out.

Rose and Flower:  Help your garden grow by feeding and protecting your flowers and ornamentals with our specialized solutions.

Weeds and Grass Control: Get rid of troublesome weeds, unwanted grasses and the toughest brush with cutting-edge solutions.

Lowes Bayer Advanced Rebate

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When To Apply Weed and Feed- Scotts and Sta Green

As a Lowes garden manager, one of the most asked questions I get is about healthy, green, weed free lawns. Here are my tips and directions for Sta Green and Scotts weed and feed fertilizer for 2015 that will help improve your lawn.

The number one question: When is the best time to apply weed and feed fertilizer to my lawn?  Well…it depends really. Where you live, whether you have sun or shade, and lots of other things make a big difference in what your lawn needs.  Most regions in the United States can apply weed and feed from March till November.  A well-fed lawn is healthier, which means it has a better root system to combat heat, cold, drought, mowing, foot traffic and other stresses.
There are some simple rules to follow when choosing and applying your weed and feed products. Lowes can help you build a successful program specifically for your lawn with  Scotts Turfbuilder and Sta-Green Fertilizer programs.  And while fertilizing even once a year will improve the condition of the lawn, a well-fed lawn that receives 4 feedings a year will do much better.  Use a 4 step program of feedings for best results, and follow the guide below.

Weed and Feed Basics and the 4 Step Process

Ok, this is my disclaimer: This is my version of the 4 step program that I have used for years. It works! Make sure you always follow instructions on the bag and use the correct settings on your spreader.  You will find many different versions of weed and feed programs out there.  They all will be some variation of the following:

Step 1. Crabgrass Preventer
Step 2.
Weed and Feed
Step 3. Summer Fertilizer with Insect Control
Step 4. Fall or Winter Fertilizer

The #1 Mistake: Skipping Step 1 and not using a crabgrass preventer.  The best looking lawns don’t have crabgrass for a reason; they use a crabgrass preventer every year! You can skip it if you want, but I don’t recommend it.  Most people don’t realize this, but Scotts Halts and Sta Green Crabgrass both have fertilizer as well in the bag.  So take care of the crabgrass and get in that first application of fertilizer. Read More…