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Lowes Labor Day Sale 2015 Appliances Tools and Paint

Updated 8/28/15 with latest promotions expected for Labor Day 2015. End your summer with Lowes Labor Day Sale and Special Values.  Labor Day marks the end of summer and brings in the autumn season.  The national holiday is a time for a break from work, a final summer barbeque and some great deals at major retailers.  Sale prices are good September 3rd through September 8th.

But Labor Day isn’t all about grilling burgers and bargain shopping. This American holiday, annually observed on the first Monday in September, commemorates the economic and social contributions of the labor force. The holiday pays tribute to the overall achievements of American workers.  The first Labor Day was celebrated on Sept. 5, 1882 in New York City. Read More…

Compare Home Depot and Lowes Labor Day Sale 2015

Updated 8/27/15 with latest promotions expected for Labor Day 2015. During the Home Depot Labor Day Sale, you can save on everything from appliances, to paint, to home organization and tools.  More than likely you can also take some free classes during the Home Depot Labor Day hours as well. The Home Depot Labor Day specials are in effect until September 8th, so you don’t have to run out right this minute to take advantage of the specials.  Most stores will be closing at 8pm on Labor Day.

“Count on The Home Depot for big savings during Labor Day weekend on storage products, furniture, moving supplies, security systems and more to help get your house in order and contain clutter. With  everyday low prices on the brands you trust, we make it easy to get the boxes, racks, totes, shelves, and other products you want and need for your home.”

So why would I put Home Depot labor day promotions on my site?  When it comes to home improvement, with all things being equal, most customers tend to go with the lowest price.  However, having the lowest price doesn’t mean you are getting the best value.  As far as shopping holidays go, Labor Day weekend often gets lost in the mix after Black Friday and even Memorial Day. But Labor Day, it turns out, could be one of the most underrated shopping holidays of the year. Read More…

Best Time To Buy At Lowes | What To Buy In September

The best time to buy at Lowes in September. Summer has come to a close, and we’re getting closer to those Black Friday deals.  But September has its own deas  including Labor Day weekend sales!  Lowes Garden centers will be looking to move as many summer plants and shrubs just after Labor Day, as the weather cools and fewer people want to work in their yards.  Not as much in the south or west, but expect to find great deals on trees, plants and shrubs as summer comes to an end., especially in mid to late September.

Be on the lookout for any summer related power equipment and floor displays.  Lowes will have snowblowers on the sales floor soon, so you can get some great deals on lawn mowers, power washers, garden tractors, edgers and blowers. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little discount if you are willing to take a floor model or out of the box display.  Here are some more items to buy in September at Lowes. Read More…

Applying Fall Weed and Feed Fertilizers for September and October

Fall Weed and Feed and When To Apply A Fall Fertilizer.  It is often overlooked, but fall can be the best time to apply fertilizer. If you take care of your lawn this fall, you will have less work to deal with come spring.  A fall feeding builds strong roots and protects the lawn for winter, so you’ll have a healthier lawn next year. Fall is also a good time to kill weeds in your lawn. You may need to simply feed your lawn with fertilizer or apply a fall weed and feed product to kill weeds also.  Lowes has two products to help your lawn as the fall season begins; Scotts TurfBuilder Winterguard Fall and Winter Fertilizer and Sta-Green Winterizer Fertilizer. Both are available in regular or weed and feed versions.  You can help your lawn continue to look its best when you  apply a fertilizer  to your lawn in September or October.  Many fall or winterizing fertilizers are higher in potassium than regular fertilizer or lawn food. Potassium is the nutrient that makes grass more winter hardy.

The first thing to understand about any fertilizer is the formula, which is represented by three numbers, such as 28-0-5 or 26-2-12. The first number is nitrogen, which promotes lawn blade and foliage growth.  If you want a dark green lawn, use a lawn fertilizer that’s high in nitrogen.  The second number stands for phosphorus, which helps new lawns get established and also helps plants and shrubs root growth. Because of the concern for excess phosphorus in lakes and rivers from fertilizer, many states now restrict or reduce phosphorus content in fertilizers. The third number is for potassium or potash, it guards against diseases, aids in drought protection and also serves a role in improving root development. Each number represents the percentage of that nutrient.  For example a bag of 10-10-10 fertilizer contains 10 percent nitrogen, 10 percent phosphate and 10 percent potassium or potash.

What Kind and When to Apply Fertilizer in the Fall:

lawn grass and fertilizer mapSo what kind of fertilizer should you apply in the fall and when do you apply it? Follow the same guidelines as you do in the spring.  If you have weeds, use a fall weed and feed product.  If weeds are not a problem, use a fall fertilizer only.  Remember that the most important nutrient for a fall fertilizer or fall weed and feed is nitrogen. Make sure to use a high-nitrogen fertilizer.  Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard With Plus 2 Weed Control has a ratio o 26-2-12.  Lowe’s exclusive brand of non-phosphorus Sta Green Winterizer has a ratio of 22-0-14. Read More…

Lowes Moving Coupon, Discounts and Codes 2015

Lowe’s Moving Coupon 10% Off. If you have been stopping by your local post office for a 10% Lowe’s Coupon, it’s not that easy anymore. The  USPS Movers Guide with the Lowe’s Coupon process has changed! No longer is it an actual coupon you can take and use at Lowe’s.
Your 10% off coupon will be emailed to you. If you are planning a move or have recently moved, just follow this link. This is the 10% off movers coupon you see advertised and the easiest one to get online.

Moving can be a hassle. Lowes will email you a free online printable coupon for 10% off any in-store purchase up to $5000.00. You will need to provide an email and mailing address.  You can also get a Free Moving Estimate from Allied and North American Van Lines.  Whether you just need a truck and a moving crew or need someone to pack and load for you too, a free moving estimate will help budget your move better. The new moving code coupon is a unique code that you enter online at LowesMoving.com/MySavings.

There are several other ways to get a Lowes discount. Lowes honors competitor coupons and manufacturer coupons, so feel free to present them. Moving coupons are also a great way to save. In addition, if you have a Lowes credit card, you may be sent coupons in the mail. It is certainly not easy to find working discount coupons on the web as there are hardly any which are genuinely valuable. There are hundreds of coupon sites out there offering discounts at Lowes, but most dont work.  Here’s why.
The only real 100% guaranteed discount codes or coupon codes you will see come directly from the Lowes website.  I will point out however that there are promotions going on all the time with Lowes and other websites and your success will vary.  Most coupon sites are successful around 40-50% of the time. The simple reason is that Lowe’s and many other companies never supply coupon codes to begin with.

The easiest discount to get at Lowes?  The competitor price match.  Lowes will match a competitor price plus 10% of the difference. Read More…